About Us

Welcome to Heart Rock Farm. We are located in beautiful South Berwick, Maine. Starting a farm for our family in 2011 has been a dream come true. We have two young sons and we believe the best type of upbringing can be provided by living off our land. Keeping livestock and growing our own food without harmful pesticides and growth hormones is very important to us.

At Heart Rock Farm we raise free range chickens, breed show quality sheep, raise pigs and keep bees! All of which bring a different type of joy/produce to our lives and table.

We have absolutely fallen in love with Romney sheep. Recently we purchased our first registered Romney which is the beginning to our sheep showing experience. Our goal at Heart Rock Farm is to focus on strong Romney characteristics and do justice to this beautiful breed of sheep.

As of right now we have four yearling ewes. We will be lambing for the first time next year and are very excited about growing our flock. Currently we are searching for our farm’s first Ram.

The winter of 2010 we purchased three packages of Italian bees and look forward to adding three more hives this summer! Bees are by far the more interesting part of our farm.